Private Equity Investing

Duxford Capital Advisors, LLC (“Duxford”) is an alternative asset class investor and advisor offering our investors and portfolio companies / commercial real estate partners a full range of strategic advisory services including assistance in developing and implementing a "smart money" approach to their equity and debt requirements. Duxford focuses on investing in and advising companies in the technology, healthcare and energy industries. And we also focus on investing in and advising commercial real estate owners operating multifamily, office, retail, industrial and hospitality properties in the northeast. In appropriate opportunities, once Duxford has invested its own capital, we will partner with other like-minded collaborating investors to meet our entrepreneurs' and commercial real estate partners' capital needs.


Due Diligence

Duxford also offers its extensive due diligence expertise to alternative asset class investors that may not have in-house due diligence capabilities needed to perform thorough buy-side due diligence on private equity and commercial real estate investment opportunities. This service has proven highly valuable to family offices and high net worth individuals who are committed to diversifying their portfolios to include alternative assets like private equity and commercial real estate opportunities.

Experienced Team

Duxford principals each bring many years of experience in business and legal expertise having spent many years working with companies ranging in size from startups to middle market to Fortune 500 companies. Our specific areas of expertise include business strategy, finance, marketing, manufacturing, technology, organizational change, human resources, supply chain management, accounting, and legal disciplines in both the business and commercial real estate industries.